Walt Whiman is commonly reffered to as the father of free verse, ushering in the modern age of poetry in the 19th century. His realist approach to his writing made his poetry accesible to ordinary people without sacrificing his mastery of words. He self published his seminole work "Leaves of Grass" which at the time … Continue reading WALT WHITMAN


Alone with Everyone by Charles Bukowski

the flesh covers the bone and they put a mind in there and sometimes a soul, and the women break vases against the walls and the men drink too much and nobody finds the one but keep looking crawling in and out of beds. flesh covers the bone and the flesh searches for more than … Continue reading Alone with Everyone by Charles Bukowski


  Why do I write today? The beauty of the terrible faces of our nonentites stirs me to it: colored women day workers— old and experienced— returning home at dusk in cast off clothing faces like old Florentine oak. Also the set pieces of your faces stir me— leading citizens— but not in the same … Continue reading Apology